Discover the regal beauty of Acanthus Bare Roots at DeVroomen, where our selectively curated collection is designed to fulfill the needs of Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centers. Known for their striking foliage and elegant flower spikes, the Acanthus varieties in our range are sourced from the finest global growers, ensuring exceptional quality and diversity.

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Delve into the world of DeVroomen and explore our exquisite Wholesale Acanthus Bare Roots, exclusively for Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centers. Our wholesale Acanthus bare roots, obtained from renowned growers worldwide, guarantee exceptional quality and variety. Elevate your landscaping projects or retail offerings with our selectively chosen assortment, featuring a range of shapes and colors to enhance any outdoor space.


Acanthus is celebrated for its architectural presence and dramatic blooms, and DeVroomen offers a selection of popular Acanthus varieties to complement every garden style and preference. From time-honoured classics to rare finds, our Acanthus bare roots are poised to turn your garden into a striking and captivating space. Explore our top Acanthus variety:

Acanthus mollis: Often known as Bear's Breeches, Acanthus mollis boasts large, glossy leaves and towering spires of white flowers with purple bracts. This variety is a staple in classical and Mediterranean garden designs, offering a bold statement with its impressive foliage.

  • The foliage alone makes a bold statement, but Acanthus mollis is perhaps best known for its striking floral display. During the summer months, it produces towering spires of white flowers, each intricately adorned with purple bracts, adding a dramatic flair to the landscape.
  • Originating from the Mediterranean region, Acanthus mollis thrives in climates that mirror those of its native habitat. It prefers well-drained soil and can tolerate partial shade to full sun, making it a versatile addition to classical and Mediterranean garden designs.
  • Its robust nature and ability to adapt to various environmental conditions have made it a favorite among gardeners and landscape designers alike.


DeVroomen warmly invites you to Buy Bulk Acanthus Bare Roots, providing Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers with a broad and superior selection. Our bulk Acanthus bare roots, selected with precision and expertise, ensure vibrant blooms and strong, healthy plants. Whether planning large-scale plantings or looking for a variety of shapes for your retail offerings, DeVroomen's bulk Acanthus bare roots are the perfect choice for enriching outdoor areas with the unique charm of Acanthus.


At DeVroomen, we pride ourselves on presenting a curated selection of Acanthus bare roots, sourced from esteemed growers around the world. Our team of experts ensures that each bare root meets strict quality standards, guaranteeing robust growth and spectacular floral displays in your garden. DeVroomen exclusively sells to Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centres. If you're in search of premium Acanthus bare roots for your landscaping projects or retail stock, DeVroomen is your reliable source for sustainability, timely delivery, excellence, and quality in every product. Transform your outdoor spaces with our premium Acanthus varieties and experience the magnificence of nature in its fullest splendor. Request a quote or contact us directly by calling 833-358-2852.

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