Explore the elegance of peonies with DeVroomen’s extensive range of peony roots, available in both bulk and retail packaging. Perfect for landscape contractors, professional growers, and garden centres, our peonies are sourced from reputable growers to ensure top quality and performance. Whether you need large quantities for a landscaping project or retail-ready packs for your store, DeVroomen has the perfect peony varieties to meet your needs.

Bulk Peony Bare Roots

DeVroomen offers a wide selection of peonies in bulk, ideal for large-scale projects and commercial growers. Our bulk peonies are carefully selected to provide robust growth and stunning blooms, ensuring that your landscape or nursery stands out with vibrant colour and exceptional quality.

Popular Peonies at DeVroomen

Our bulk peony range includes popular varieties such as Karl Rosenfield, Sarah Bernhardt, Celebrity, and Miss America. These varieties are renowned for their beauty, resilience, and impressive blooms.

  • Karl Rosenfield: Known for its large, double crimson-red flowers, Karl Rosenfield is a standout variety that adds a bold splash of colour to any landscape. Its striking blooms and strong stems make it a favourite among landscapers and gardeners alike.
  • Sarah Bernhardt: This classic peony variety features soft, pastel pink blooms with a delightful fragrance. Sarah Bernhardt is highly prized for its elegant appearance and abundant flowers, making it an excellent choice for both cutting gardens and landscape designs.
  • Celebrity: Celebrity peonies are characterized by their delicate, light pink petals and subtle, sweet scent. This variety is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and charm to any garden or floral arrangement.

Peony Bare Roots for Retailers

For garden centres and retailers, DeVroomen offers a diverse selection of retail packaged peonies. These packs are designed to provide convenience and quality, ensuring that your customers receive the best peony roots for their gardens. Our retail range includes beautiful varieties such as Coral Charm, Alertie, Kansas, and The Fawn. Each of these varieties is carefully selected to ensure exceptional blooms and reliable performance in home gardens.

  • Coral Charm: Coral Charm is known for its stunning coral-peach blooms that fade to a soft ivory as they mature. This award-winning variety is highly sought after for its unique colour and vigorous growth.
  • Alertie: Alertie peonies feature striking, deep red flowers with a strong fragrance. This variety is perfect for adding bold colour and a delightful scent to garden beds and borders.
  • Kansas: Kansas peonies are renowned for their large, double magenta-red blooms. This variety is prized for its vibrant colour and sturdy stems, making it an excellent choice for both garden displays and cut flowers.

Growing Instructions for Peonies

To help you achieve the best results with our peony roots, DeVroomen provides comprehensive growing instructions. These guidelines cover everything from planting and soil preparation to care and maintenance, ensuring that your peonies thrive and produce stunning blooms year after year.

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Bare Roots for Professionals

DeVroomen is dedicated to serving the needs of landscape contractors, professional growers, and garden centres or retailers. Our commitment to quality ensures that each peony root meets the highest standards, providing vibrant blooms and healthy plants. By choosing DeVroomen, you can trust that you are getting the best peonies for your projects and customers.

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Ordering from DeVroomen

Transform your landscapes and gardens with the exquisite range of peonies from DeVroomen. Request a quote or contact us directly by calling (833) 358-2852. Discover the beauty and elegance of our peony varieties and experience the exceptional quality that DeVroomen is known for.

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