Bergenias, commonly known as "elephant's ears," are a versatile and hardy addition to any garden, offering year-round interest with their bold foliage and vibrant blooms. At DeVroomen, we understand the importance of sourcing high-quality plants to achieve stunning garden displays. That's why we provide premium Bergenia bare roots, perfect for landscape contractors, professional growers, and garden centres. As part of our spring product range, our Bergenias promise to enhance gardens with their resilience and beauty. In this guide, we'll delve into our wholesale Bergenia bare roots, showcase popular varieties, discuss bulk purchasing options, and explain how to order from DeVroomen.

Wholesale Bergenia Bare Roots

DeVroomen specializes in supplying wholesale Bergenia bare roots, catering exclusively to the needs of landscape contractors, professional growers, and retailers or garden centres. Our Bergenia bare roots are carefully selected to ensure they are healthy, vigorous, and ready to thrive in various garden settings. By offering Bergenia bare roots in bulk, we provide a cost-effective solution for large-scale planting projects, ensuring you have access to the quantities needed for extensive landscaping or retail distribution. Our commitment to sustainability and quality means you can trust DeVroomen to deliver top-tier products that support both the environment and your business goals.

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Popular Bergenia Varieties

Our selection of Bergenias includes some of the most popular and visually striking varieties, each chosen for its unique characteristics and appeal:

  • Bressingham White: This variety is renowned for its pristine white flowers that bloom in early spring, providing a fresh and elegant touch to gardens. The large, glossy leaves add texture and interest, making Bressingham White a standout choice for any landscape.
  • Winterglow: Known for its stunning pink flowers and robust foliage, Winterglow Bergenia offers year-round beauty. Its leaves turn a rich red-bronze colour in the fall and winter, adding seasonal interest and colour to gardens during the colder months.

These varieties are part of our carefully curated spring product range, designed to meet the diverse needs of our professional clients. Whether you are looking to create striking floral displays or provide customers with reliable and attractive plants, our Bergenia varieties are sure to impress.

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Buy Bergenia Bare Roots in Bulk

For those requiring large quantities of Bergenia bare roots, DeVroomen offers bulk purchasing options. Buying in bulk not only ensures you have enough plants for extensive projects but also provides significant cost savings. Our bulk packaging is designed to maintain the quality and viability of each bare root, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition ready for planting. This option is ideal for landscape contractors and professional growers who need reliable, high-quality plants on a larger scale. By choosing DeVroomen, you benefit from our expertise and commitment to excellence, ensuring your projects are a success from the ground up.

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Ordering Bergenia from DeVroomen

Placing an order for Bergenia bare roots with DeVroomen is straightforward and tailored to meet the needs of our professional clientele. To request a quote or place an order, visit our website or contact us directly at (833) 358-2852. Our team of horticultural experts is ready to assist with any questions or special requirements, ensuring you receive the best products and service. At DeVroomen, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence, sustainability, and timely delivery in every order. Trust us to provide the high-quality Bergenia bare roots you need to create stunning gardens and landscapes.

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