Brunnera, often referred to as Siberian Bugloss, is a beloved perennial known for its striking heart-shaped foliage and delicate, forget-me-not-like flowers. This shade-loving plant is a favourite among landscape contractors, professional growers, and garden centres for its versatility and enduring beauty. At DeVroomen, we provide premium Brunnera bare roots as part of our spring product range, ensuring that every garden and landscape can benefit from these captivating plants. In this guide, we will discuss our wholesale Brunnera bare roots, highlight popular varieties, detail the benefits of bulk purchasing, and explain how to order from DeVroomen.

Wholesale Brunnera Bare Roots

DeVroomen is proud to offer wholesale Brunnera bare roots, tailored to meet the needs of landscape contractors, professional growers, and garden centres. Our Brunnera bare roots are selected with the utmost care to ensure they are healthy and vigorous, ready to establish strong, beautiful plants. By choosing our wholesale option, you can access large quantities of top-quality Brunnera, ideal for extensive planting projects and retail purposes. Our commitment to sustainability and excellence guarantees that each bare root is of the highest standard, supporting both the environment and the success of your gardening endeavours.

Popular Brunnera Varieties

Our range of Brunnera includes some of the most popular and visually appealing varieties, each with unique characteristics:

  • Alexander's Great: This variety is renowned for its large, silver leaves with striking green veins, making it a dramatic focal point in any shade garden. It blooms with delicate blue flowers in the spring, adding a splash of colour.
  • Betty Bowring: Known for its pure white flowers, Betty Bowring is a classic choice for brightening up shady areas. Its lush green foliage provides a beautiful backdrop to the pristine blooms.
  • Silver Heart: With its heart-shaped leaves that have a silvery sheen, Silver Heart is a standout variety. It’s perfect for adding texture and light to darker parts of the garden.
  • Jack Frost: This award-winning variety features frosted silver leaves with green veins and edges, creating a stunning contrast. Its tiny blue flowers bloom in spring, offering a lovely complement to the foliage.
  • Hadspen Cream: Characterized by its creamy white-edged leaves, Hadspen Cream brings a touch of elegance to shade gardens. It also produces charming blue flowers in the spring.

These varieties are part of our meticulously curated spring product range, chosen to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our professional clients.

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Buy Brunnera Bare Roots in Bulk

For large-scale planting projects or retail purposes, purchasing Brunnera bare roots in bulk from DeVroomen is the ideal solution. Bulk purchasing ensures you have access to the quantities you need while providing significant cost savings. Our bulk packaging is designed to maintain the integrity and quality of each bare root, ensuring they arrive in optimal condition, ready for planting. This option is perfect for landscape contractors and professional growers who require reliable, high-quality plants on a larger scale. By choosing DeVroomen, you benefit from our expertise and dedication to delivering excellence.

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Ordering Brunnera from DeVroomen

Ordering Brunnera bare roots from DeVroomen is a straightforward and efficient process tailored to meet the needs of our professional clientele. To request a quote or place an order, visit our website or contact us directly at (833) 358-2852. Our team of horticultural experts is available to assist with any questions or special requirements, ensuring you receive the best products and service. At DeVroomen, we pride ourselves on delivering sustainability, timely delivery, and quality in every order. Trust us to provide the high-quality Brunnera bare roots you need to create stunning and enduring gardens and landscapes.

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