Explore the exceptional selection of Lilium bulbs available at DeVroomen, offered in both bulk and retail packaging. Ideal for landscape contractors, professional growers, and garden centres, our Lilium bulbs are sourced from reputable growers to ensure top quality and vibrant blooms. Whether you need large quantities for a landscaping project or retail-ready packs for your store, DeVroomen has the perfect Lilium varieties to meet your needs.

Bulk Lilium Bulbs

DeVroomen offers a wide selection of Lilium bulbs in bulk, perfect for large-scale projects and commercial growers. Our bulk offerings ensure you receive the best value and quality, providing robust plants that deliver stunning floral displays.

Our extensive range of bulk Lilium bulbs includes a variety of popular types and hybrids. Some of the standout varieties in our bulk selection include:

  • Double Oriental Lotus Queen: This variety is prized for its stunning double blooms in pure white, making it a beautiful choice for elegant and serene garden settings.
  • Oriental Lilium Casa Blanca: Casa Blanca is renowned for its large, fragrant white flowers, making it a classic choice for formal gardens and floral arrangements.
  • Asiatic Lilium Rio de Janeiro: This vibrant variety features bold, yellow blooms with striking red accents. Asiatic Lilium Rio de Janeiro is perfect for adding a splash of tropical colour to any landscape.
  • Double Asiatic Lilium Apricot Fudge: Known for its unique, double-layered apricot-coloured flowers, this variety adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to garden designs.
  • Aurelian Lilium African Queen: A favourite among landscapers, Aurelian Lilium African Queen boasts large, trumpet-shaped orange blooms with a delightful fragrance, perfect for creating a dramatic statement in any garden.
  • Hybrid Lilium Pretty Woman and Miss Feya: These hybrid varieties combine the best traits of different Lilium types, offering unique colours and robust growth. Pretty Woman features elegant white blooms, while Miss Feya showcases striking red flowers with a white edge.
  • Tiger Lilium Night Flyer and White Tiger: Tiger Liliums are known for their distinctive spotted petals and vigorous growth. Night Flyer features deep red blooms with dark spots, and White Tiger offers elegant white flowers with striking black spots.

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Lilium Bulbs for Retailers

For garden centres and retailers, DeVroomen offers a diverse selection of retail-packaged Lilium bulbs. These packs are designed to provide convenience and quality, ensuring that your customers receive the best Lilium bulbs for their gardens.

Why Order from DeVroomen?

DeVroomen is dedicated to serving the needs of landscape contractors, professional growers, and garden centres or retailers. Our commitment to quality ensures that each Lilium bulb meets the highest standards, providing vibrant blooms and healthy plants. By choosing DeVroomen, you can trust that you are getting the best Lilium bulbs for your projects and customers.

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Ordering from DeVroomen

Transform your garden or landscape with the exquisite range of Lilium bulbs from DeVroomen. Our streamlined ordering process and dedicated customer service team are here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you're looking to enhance a large landscape or expand your nursery offerings, our Lilium bulbs provide the quality and reliability you need.

DeVroomen exclusively sells to landscape contractors, professional growers, and garden centres or retailers. For premium Lilium bulbs, order online or contact us directly by calling (833) 358-2852 or request a quote online. Discover the beauty and elegance of our Lilium varieties and experience the exceptional quality that DeVroomen is known for.

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