Calla lilies are a timeless favourite among gardeners and landscape professionals for their elegant blooms and striking colours. Known for their versatility and sophistication, Calla lilies are a staple in spring gardens and landscapes. DeVroomen, a leading supplier in the horticultural industry, offers an extensive range of premium Calla bare roots, available in both bulk and retail packaging. Our Calla lilies promise exceptional quality, vibrant colours, and robust growth, making them an ideal choice for landscape contractors, professional growers, and garden centres. In this guide, we will explore our wholesale Calla bare roots, popular varieties, bulk purchasing options, and the benefits for retailers and garden centres. Learn how to seamlessly order from DeVroomen to elevate your gardening projects with the beauty of Calla lilies.

Wholesale Calla Bare Roots

DeVroomen specializes in providing wholesale Calla bare roots, ensuring landscape contractors and professional growers have access to top-tier plants for their projects. Our Calla bare roots are meticulously selected for their health and vigour, guaranteeing impressive growth and stunning blooms. By offering Calla bare roots in bulk, we cater to the needs of large-scale planting projects, ensuring that you receive high-quality plants in the quantities you require. Our commitment to sustainability and excellence means you can trust that each Calla bare root meets the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.

Popular Calla Varieties at DeVroomen

Our range of Calla lilies includes a variety of popular and visually striking options, each selected for their unique appeal and performance:

  • Calla Dubai Nights: Known for its deep, velvety purple blooms, Dubai Nights adds a touch of drama and sophistication to any garden.
  • Calla Gold Crown: This variety features stunning golden-yellow flowers that brighten up any landscape, creating a vibrant focal point.
  • Calla Grape Velvet: With its rich, grape-purple blossoms, Grape Velvet offers a luxurious and eye-catching addition to your garden design.

In addition to these bulk varieties, we also offer a large selection of retail packs including:

  • Calla Pasja: A vibrant variety known for its striking red flowers.
  • Calla Majestic Red: Features bold, majestic red blooms that stand out in any garden setting.
  • Calla Flame: This variety is noted for its fiery orange and yellow hues, creating a warm, inviting display.
  • Calla Odessa: A classic choice with elegant white flowers that provide a timeless, sophisticated look.

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Buy Calla Bare Roots in Bulk

For large-scale projects, purchasing Calla bare roots in bulk from DeVroomen is the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Bulk purchasing ensures that you have access to the quantities needed for extensive landscaping projects while also offering significant savings. Our bulk packaging is designed to preserve the quality and integrity of each bare root, ensuring they arrive in optimal condition for planting. This option is ideal for landscape contractors and professional growers who require reliable, high-quality plants in large volumes.

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Buy Calla Bare Roots for Retailers and Garden Centres

Retailers and garden centres looking to offer premium Calla lilies to their customers will find our retail packaging options to be ideal. Each retail pack is carefully prepared to maintain the health and quality of the Calla bare roots, making them ready for immediate sale. Our retail packaging includes clear labelling and planting instructions, ensuring that your customers can achieve successful growth with ease. By offering DeVroomen's Calla lilies, retailers and garden centres can provide their customers with top-quality, stunning plants that enhance any garden.

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Ordering Calla from DeVroomen

Placing an order for Calla bare roots from DeVroomen is a seamless process designed to meet the needs of our professional clientele. To request a quote or place an order, visit our website or contact us directly at (833) 358-2852. Our team of horticultural experts is available to assist with any questions or special requirements, ensuring you receive the best products and service. At DeVroomen, we pride ourselves on delivering sustainability, timely delivery, and excellence in every order. Trust us to provide the high-quality Calla bare roots you need to create stunning gardens and landscapes.

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