Anemone Blue Shade

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These wholesale flower bulbs are lovely garden plants that show bright colors in mid-Spring. Bulk flower bulbs are available for wholesale. These beautiful Daisy-like flowers are about 2” (5 cm) wide and show off in purple, lilac colors. The Anemone Blue Shade naturalizes rapidly and forms a beautiful carpet of flowers easily. These Anemones last for weeks. This makes Anemone Blue Shades ideal for planting along paths and borders.

Wholesale bulbs

Order these Anemone Blue Shade bulk flower bulbs at De Vroomen. We deliver wholesale bulbs to garden centers in Canada and the US. Our flower bulbs, landscapers, and other garden plants are high-qualified. The Anemone Blue Shade is very popular because of its early and massive flowering. The ability to naturalize easily makes this garden plant loved by gardeners.

When to plant?

Anemone Blue Shade:

  • Needs to be planted in Fall.
  • Anemones prefer to be planted in groups of at least 20 pieces.
  • The bulbs love partial shade areas and grow best in moist soils.
  • Sunny spots will also do for the Anemone Blue Shade if the soil remains humid.

Customers buy and plant these flower bulbs in Fall to make their garden look beautiful in Spring. These wholesale perennials establish a stunning sight in every garden.