Crocus mixed vernus

Beautiful parks that want to show off in early Spring definitely need crocus mixed vernus flower bulbs. Right after everything and everyone awakens from the winter dip every early spring, crocuses show their faces and steal the show. Crocuses appear in many different colours, for example, purple, white, yellow, and blue. To make it easy, we put together the lovely wholesale Crocus mixed vernus flower bulb mix. These packages are perfect for landscaping projects, professional growers and garden centres.

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Winter garden plants

Although you see crocuses often in landscaping, crocuses are also suitable for flower pots. Crocuses can either be potted indoors or outdoors. Because crocuses naturalize easily, they cover a field in only one or two years. Plant the flower bulbs in grass areas to enjoy a splash of colour in early Spring. Because crocuses are hardy, they don’t need any maintenance. Loads of people love the hardy crocuses.

Mixed colours

The mixed vernus crocus flower bulbs appear in different colours in early Spring. Enjoy a perfect mixture of crocus coloured in blue, white, and yellow flowers, depending on the number of bulbs.

  • Plant the bulbs about 3” (8 cm) deep.
  • Keep a distance of 3” (8 cm) per bulb.
  • Crocuses grow up to 4” (10 cm) and remain low.

Combine crocuses mixed vernus with other early bloomers like daffodils, tulips, and snowdrops for a stunning spring display.

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