Daffodil Blends

At De Vroomen, we sell lovely Daffodil Blends. These packages contain matching daffodil (narcissus) flower bulbs that are ideally suited to be planted together in the garden, in pots, or within borders. Our product development team puts together these beautiful daffodil blends. The Daffodil Blends are selected by colour, height, type, and flowering period. The mixes contain different daffodils with varying product specifications. Discover the many combinations available in our webshop.

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How to grow Daffodil Blends

Daffodils are easy-to-grow spring flowers. We mixed the most beautiful daffodil types in one package to give you the ultimate spring feeling. The Daffodil Blends have the same growing instructions as the individual daffodils.

  • The flower bulbs bloom from early spring through mid-spring
  • Plant the bulbs about 4” (10 cm) deep
  • Plant 3-6 bulbs together per square foot (depending on the sort)
  • The daffodils grow up to 16” (40cm) (depending on the type of daffodil)

Daffodil blends are perfect for filling a complete meadow and giving an extra dimension to the spring border.

Popular Daffodil Blends

At De Vroomen, we sell a lot of different varieties of mixed daffodils. The blend is selected based on colour, flowering time, type, appearance, or size. You can choose from many varieties available in our webshop. Our team of product development specialists has put together several mixes to fulfill your spring wish in the garden. Choose from our popular daffodil blends:

  • Welcoming Trumpets: these beautiful, large cupped daffodils are a mix of white, whiteyellow, and full yellow daffodils. They are a warm welcome to everyone entering your garden or front door if potted in a container next to the doorstep.
  • All spring mix: this mix contains 15 different daffodils for 12 weeks of flowering pleasure. Use this mix for plantings where a long bloom time is preferred.
  • Large cupped mixed: all possibly available large cupped daffodils are included in this mix. This mix is perfect for gardeners who want to add as much colour as possible to their gardens.

The daffodil blends are the solution for gardeners who can’t choose between the fantastic daffodil types

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