Daffodil Carlton

The Daffodil Carlton is a large-cupped, tremendous, solid golden-yellow daffodil that features large flowers. This stunning produces large two-toned flowers upon green stems. Daffodil Carlton is easy to grow and has a lovely sweet scent. The long stems grow up to 15-19” (40-45 cm) tall, which makes this daffodil perfect for cut flowers. Order daffodil wholesale bulbs at De Vroomen, and we will provide a special bulk price.

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Popular Spring flower

Daffodil Carlton The yellow daffodils can’t be missed in every spring border, bedding or patio container. When the winter slowly fades, daffodils show their faces. That’s the natural sign of incoming Spring. Daffodil Carlton grows big, blousy traditional cups with a trumpet. Since the blooms are so robust and live long, Daffodil Carlton is grown for the cut flower trade. The vigorous flowers are also perfect for naturalizing, they easily form a carpet of yellow spring flowers within years.

Things you should know about the daffodil Carlton

Before gardeners start planting Daffodil Carltons, they should keep a few basic rules in mind. Before planting, follow these guidelines. ‚óŹ Plant the daffodil bulbs in fall, around October or November

  • Plant the flower bulbs about 4-5” (10-15 cm) deep
  • Keep a distance of 4-6” (10-15 cm) from every bulb
  • Plant the bulbs in well-drained soil
  • Daffodil Carlton loves a sunny or half-shady spot
  • Water the flower bulbs regularly, especially during the growing season

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