Daffodil Mount Hood

The large-flowered Daffodil Mount Hood is one of the few white-coloured daffodil wholesale flower bulbs available at De Vroomen. With its large-flowered heads, daffodil Thalia stands out in the crowd and steals the show in every spring flower field. The lovely creamy white with pale yellow trumpets forms a perfect combination with the pure white petals. Lucky for all the gardeners, the Daffodil Thalia has a very long flowering season. The wholesale flower bulbs can’t be missed in meadow fields, front yards or balcony containers.

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Daffodil Mount Hood are great naturalizers

The Daffodil Mount Hood flower bulbs need to be planted in autumn and start blooming in mid-spring. The tall Daffodil Mount Hood flowers grow up to 16-20” (40-45 cm) tall, and naturalizes well. This makes these flowers excellent cut flowers for vases. Because the flowers come back year after year, gardeners don’t have to worry about the number of flowers in their garden.

Daffodil Mount Hood bulk flower bulbs

At De Vroomen, we sell bulk flower bulbs to the USA and Canada and provide garden centers and nurseries with daffodil flower bulbs like Daffodil Mount Hood. Gardeners are fond of these flower bulbs since the flower grows easily in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Plant the flower bulbs in a fully sunny spot and keep them moist and humid during the growing season. Daffodil Mount Hood is perfect for beds, borders, under trees, grass fields, and around shrubs.

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