The fantastic spring flower Eranthis, commonly known as winter aconite, produces bright flowers with a collar of green leaves. Eranthis flower bulbs are ideal under deciduous trees since Eranthis prefers humid and nutritious ground. The Eranthis is a fast naturalizer and covers fields in no time. When you plant the flower bulbs in autumn, the first flowers appear very early in the year, from January to March. Gardeners love the Eranthis flower bulbs for the fantastic splash of colour, combined with low maintenance. Order these ideal spring flowers online at De Vroomen.

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How to grow Eranthis

Eranthis flower bulbs are easy to grow since they thrive in most soils. Use Eranthis as groundcovering garden plants in borders, lawns, and along walking paths. Eranthis covers the ground under trees in no time and makes the winter landscapes more attractive with its color. The flower bulbs need to be planted in early fall, around September. The flower bulbs need time to establish, and the roots have to strengthen well enough before flowering.

Popular Eranthis

The winter aconite is available from August to early September. At De Vroomen, we sell the most popular Eranthis variety: hyemalis. The flower head opens up every morning and closes when the sun goes down.

  • hyemails: this early bloomer shows its face from January until March. The low-remain flowers make a fantastic combination with other early bloomers, like snowdrops and crocuses.

Plant Eranthis flower bulbs in September under trees, since the flower bulbs thrive best in humid conditions. Lay the flower bulbs in water before planting; this way, the sprouting process starts and makes the growth go faster. If you have any questions about the Eranthis hyemalis, please contact us

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