Planting and Care Instructions for GlaminiĀ® pot Gladiolus

Information to help you be more successful with Glamini® pot Gladiolus

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About Glamini®

Do not confuse Glamini® with your average Gladiolus. Glamini® Gladiolus bloom for a long time and their short height makes them very suitable for pot growing. Discover this unique and exclusive product and its outstanding quality. Glamini® is a registered trademark.

Upon arrival

Open all cartons immediately after arrival, as the bulbs need fresh air. Always check bulbs directly after arrival and take notes of possible problems. If there are any problems, be sure to contact your sales representative immediately.


Glamini® can be grown in regular, high-quality, pre-fertilized potting soil. Keep the soil humid at all times, never allow the soil to dry out.

Planting and Maintenance

Numbers per pot depend on pot size. As a guideline, we advise to use approx. 15 bulbs on a 12” pot/bowl or 20 bulbs on a 14” pot/bowl. Glamini® needs full light for the best result. Pots can be placed close together directly after planting. At 2nd leave stage, relocate the pots with 1 or 2 pot sizes in between. Depending on the availability of light, the pots can be kept this way or need a bit more space. Maximum light will improve the quality and will give the best proportions, so the best location is outside. Also, in a modern greenhouse with good light–temperature ratio, Glamini® can be grown very well. Glamini® needs 75-90 days to grow from a bulb to a blooming plant.

Disease and Pest control

In normal conditions, Glamini® needs no special care against diseases. Only when grown in very humid conditions leafs might need protection against fungi like botrytis. Spray 2 to 3 times against insects like greenflies and trips, starting at the 3rd leaf stage.

Marketing and sales tips

The best time to sell Glamini® is just before they flower. Picture tags are a great help to make the sales season longer.

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