Muscari White Magic

Among a field of grass, while all spring flowers are showing their faces for the first time, the Muscari White Magic stands out in the crowd. These dazzling spring flowers make a beautiful display in every spring yard. Brighten up your containers, garden, front yard or meadow while trees and other garden plants remain dormant. Muscari White Magic is a spring flower that can’t be missed in any spring garden. At De Vroomen, we sell and ship Muscari flower bulbs to the USA and Canada.

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About the Muscari White Magic

Gardeners love the Muscari White Magic because it’s the first sort of Mucari that is totally white. Muscari is commonly known for its blue-purple colour. These flower bulbs show no blue at all. The pure white flowers form a winter wonderland when the first spring fever shows up. The Muscari Ocean Magic blooms from mid-spring and lasts for several weeks. For the best visual effect, the bulbs must be planted in small groups. Most gardeners combine the white muscari with other muscari, like the Ocean Magic or the mixed types. Or you can choose to combine the Musari White Magic with other white garden plants. At De Vroomen, we have a full arrangement of spring garden plants to choose from.

How does the Muscari White Magic look

  • Plant the flower bulbs in autumn
  • Plant the flower bulbs in a sunny to partly sunny spot
  • The flower bulbs are suitable for containers, both as soils
  • Plant the bulbs about 3” (7-8 cm) deep
  • The flowers grow up to 4” (10 cm) high

The flowers naturalize easily, which makes the flowers usable for covering meadows in a short time.

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