25% Off Fall Garlic

Garlic planting season is upon us! Now is the time to stock up on your garlic inventory. We offer 9 different varieties available, either packaged or in bulk, which include:

Duganski (Purple Stripe Hardneck)
White skin with purple accents. Full of flavour, very hardy.

German Red (Rocambole Hardneck)
Pure white to red skins. Unique, full, nutty flavour.

Inchelium (Red Artichoke Softneck)
Skin quality is best when harvested slightly green. Full bodied flavour with a little kick!

Krandasger Red (Marble Purple Stripe Hardneck)
Thick and durable skin, white with deep purple and pink. Strong performer.

Purple Glazer (Purple Stripe Hardneck)
Deep purple skin and pink cloves. Sweet and gentle flavour. Performs well in northern climates.

Mennonite (Porcelain Hardneck)
Bright white wrapper with light purple skin. Spicy flavour and winter hardy.

Music (Porcelain Hardneck)
White skin. High yielding, consistent performance, and winter hardy.

Nootka Rose (Silverskin Softneck)
Pure white skins. Cloves have a hint of pink. Long storing, mild flavour. Winter hardy softneck.

Transylvanian (Artichoke Softneck)
Cream coloured skins. Matures early. Subtle pleasant flavour.

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25% off Fall Garlic

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