2024 Spring Clematis & Vines

The Spring 2024 Clematis & Vines catalog is here!

Available in 60mm liners (28 / tray) & 80mm liners

Choose from our large selection of old favourites as well as some very unique varieties.

New this year: 80mm 2-in-1 liners available for select varieties (18 / tray)

With two strong plants per liner, you get double the branching and twice the flowers!

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Clematis Haku Okan

SKU: C217
Flower Size: 5-7″
Bloom Time: May, June, September
Height: 6-9′

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Clematis Taiga

SKU: C425
Flower Size: 6-8″
Bloom Time: June – September
Height: 6-8′

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Clematis vit. Minuet

SKU: C338
Flower Size: 1-2″
Bloom Time: June – September
Height: 9-12′

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Jasmine Officinale

SKU: C368
Flower Size: 0.5-1″
Bloom Time: July – September
Height: 12-20′

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Lonicera Dropmore Scarlet

SKU: C373
Flower Size: 2-3″
Bloom Time: July – October
Height: 8-20′

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Passiflora Snow Queen

SKU: C433
Flower Size: 3-4″
Bloom Time: June – September
Height: 6-12′

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