Fall Retail - New This Year

Don’t miss out on some of our great retail packaged and garlic product. For full availability, order by

Friday, June 30, 2023

Besides the classics, we have the best of the new varieties. Here are just a few:

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PP Muscari |Allium Ice Crystals
SKU: 47368 – 16 pks of 20 bulbs

PP Narcissus | Anemone Fairy Stars
SKU: 47368 – 16 pks of 25 bulbs

Tulipa ‘Newcastle’
SKU: 46105 – 100 bulbs
SKU: 46605 – 16 pks of 6 bulbs

Narcissus ‘Bridal Crown’
SKU: 46121 – 60 bulbs
SKU:46621 – 12 pks of 5 bulbs

Allium ‘Arctic Snow’
SKU: 46632 – 20 pks of 2 bulbs

Fritillaria ‘Raddeana’
SKU: 46633 – 16 pks of 1 bulb

Garlic Music
SKU: 987330 – 25 pks of 3 bulbs
SKU: 987335 – 10 lbs
SKU: 987334 – 50 lbs

Garlic Nootka Rose
SKU: 987353 – 10 lbs
SKU: 987357 – 50 lbs

Garlic Krandasger Red
SKU: 987352 – 10 lbs
SKU: 987395 – 50 lbs

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