Peony Buckeye Belle

Among all red peonies, the Peony Buckeye Belle is one of our favourites. The large petals form a perfect round flower bud and pop out to be the most beautiful red Peony in spring. The dark red flowers bloom from the end of May to June. The red petals cover the yellow pistils, which appear at the end of the flowering period. Order bare-root peonies online at De Vroomen. We ship your order to the USA and Canada.

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About the Peony Buckeye Belle

Peonies are slow growers, but they become heavy bloomers when established well. Watch the flowers bloom in midseason and adore the deep red colour of the Peony Buckeye Belle. The strong green foliage makes this peony perfect for the border. Place this Peony in the middle of the border, just behind the crocuses, tulips, and forget-me-nots. Combine peonies with other mid-spring flowers for the best visual effect. The plant grows up to 27-30”; (70-80 cm) and produces large, beautiful flowers.

Care for Peony Buckeye Belle

Enjoy the lovely red flowers in a vase. The Peony Buckeye Belle is perfect for cutting flowers in a vase. If you leave the flowers in the ground, you have to take care of the plant after the heavy blooms. After the flowering period of 7-10 days, the Peony dies back. In fall, the stems of the Peony Buckeye Belle need to be cut down to 1-2” (3-5 cm) above the ground. In spring, the Peony Buckeye Belle requires extra care with a fungicide to prevent mould. Add a fertilizer, like organic compost in spring, before the first growth to stimulate fresh, strong, and healthy growth of the flower

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