Peony Itoh-Hybrid’ Bartzella’

The midseason Peony Itoh-Hybrid’ Bartzella’ is half bush and half perennial. The impressive large yellow flowers spread a lovely sweet scent. The attractive dark green foliage in combination with the bright yellow flowers is beautiful in every garden, backyard, and border. This peony sort is beloved because of its long flowering period. The bright flowers bloom for 6 weeks and produce a maximum of 70 flowers per plant. Order this heavily growing Peony online at De Vroomen.

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About the Peony Itoh-Hybrid’ Bartzella’

There are two categories of peonies:

  • Herbaceous hybrids
  • Tree or woody shrub peonies

The Peony Itoh-Hybrid ‘Bartzella’ blooms from May until June. This hardy perennial is a cross between a perennial plant and a bush.

  • Plant peonies in autumn, from September to October
  • Plant the bare-root peonies 1-2”; (4-6 cm) deep
  • The blooms are 8”; (20 cm) wide
  • The stems reach a height of 30”; or 3 feet (90 cm).

Care for Peony Itoh-Hybrid’ Bartzella’

The Peony Itoh-Hybrid’ Bartzella’ loves a fully sunny spot in the half shade. Plant peonies in well-drained humus-rich soil. The Peony Itoh-Hybrid ‘Bartzella’ blooms usually a few days earlier than the herbaceous species and a week or two later than the tree or woody varieties. This extended flowering period makes the Peony Itoh-Hybrid ‘Bartzella’ popular among gardeners all over the world. The bright yellow petals spread a spicy scent. The Peony Itoh-Hybrid ‘Bartzella’ doesn’t require staking. The strong stems are vigorous enough to carry the large-flowered flower heads.

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