The genus Scilla consists of 90 varieties that mostly bloom in spring, but a few species show their faces in late summer or even fall. At De Vroomen, we sell about four different scilla varieties. Choose between light-blue to bright blue bell-shaped flowers. Scillas are low-remaining garden plants, which makes them ideal for ground-covering. The erect, basal linear leaves combined with the star-, and bell-shaped flowers look fantastic in every spring garden. Scilla flower bulbs are perfect for rock gardens, along walking paths and under deciduous trees. Cover your garden with the beautiful scilla and enjoy the breathtaking flowers.

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How to grow scilla

You must follow some basic rules to grow lovely Scilla spring-flowering plants. Scilla requires some exceptional growing rules, like location, hours of direct sunlight, and ground.

  • Plant Scilla bulbs in mid to late fall in full sun to partial shade spots.
  • Scilla performs best in soil that isn’t soggy, and the ground must be well-drained and fertile. Prepare the ground with compost before you plant the flower bulbs.
  • Plant the bulbs 3-4” (7-10 cm) deep and 3-4” (7-10 cm) apart.
  • Scilla is a good naturalizer, plant the bulbs in an area where they can cover the field without any obstacles.
  • Scilla is easily grown in average, medium, and well-drained soil.
  • The plants are hardy and effortless to survive a freezing winter.

Popular Scillas

At De Vroomen, we sell many different types of Scilla perennial plants. Choose between the light-blue and the dark-blue varieties and plant the bulbs in the ground in autumn. The most popular Scillas are available in our webshop and are available from August.

  • Siberia: this type of scilla produces a blue bell-shaped flower that faces down. Scilla siberica naturalizes easily and will cover a field of grass with blue flowers in no time.
  • Excelsior: these violet/blue hanging bells love full sun to partial shade spots in the spring bedding. This Scilla variety grows up to 10” (25 cm), which makes this scilla the tallest of our collection.

Scilla is an indispensable spring-flowering perennial. Combine scilla with other spring-flowering perennials, like daffodils, crocuses, and tulips.

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