Camassia quamash

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The Camassia quamash bulbs are popular with gardeners for no reason. This unique flower bulb looks pleasant in a wildflower patch but also makes a good impression in borders. Even moisty pond edges are suitable for this Camassia quamash. It is a real charmer with its flowers that show off in shades of purple, and lavender-blue.

Wholesale perennials

Camassia quamash is not only famous for its color but is also well-known for its scent. The flowers smell a bit spicy and are attractive to bees, butterflies, and other insects. These perennials naturalize easily if left undisturbed. Gardeners love to plant these wholesale perennials in parks and wildflower fields. Within a year, the perennials increase and cover areas with their dazzling blue flowers.

How to plant

  • This early Summer blooming flower bulbs need to be planted in October or November.
  • Plant these bulbs between 3-4” (8-10 cm) deep.
  • During Winter, the bulbs have time to strengthen, and the roots can unfold.
  • The bulbs are hardy but like to be protected with a little layer of mulch during frost.
  • Camassia loves moist soils and prefers a sunny or half sunny spot.

The flowers bloom from early Spring and don’t need much maintenance. The low maintenance makes Camassia quamash the perfect meadow plants.