Tulip Artist’s Palette

The tulip blend Artist’s Palette resembles a painter's palette of strong colours that catch your attention even while driving by at 50 miles per hour. This blend combines elegant tulips with petals in primary colours with charming colour-merging tulips, subtly including the impeccable white tulips. This blend is a beautiful spring-look combination and is sure to make every yard or field look as though a painting came to life.

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High-stemmed tulip bulbs

The Artist’s Palette is a blend of high-stemmed tulips that not only stand out in colour but also excel in flower size and long, sturdy stems. The flowers originating from mountain climates are resilient and bloom well in temperate climates with moderate rainfall. They do not need to be watered, only during exceptional drought. The tulip bulbs can bloom for multiple years, flourishing in yards and flower fields spring after spring.

Where to plant Tulip Artist’s Palette

Tulips are sun-loving flowers that open up when the sun shines upon them. Therefore, plant the Artist’s Palette tulip bulbs in a sunlit place on fertile ground. The flowers also bloom in half shade. For planting the cut flower tulip bulbs, it is important to:

  • Plant the Artist’s Palette tulip bulbs approximately four inches in the ground to protect them from frost;
  • Place the tulip bulbs at least two inches from one another to ensure the roots have enough space;
  • The tulip bulbs should be planted before the first frost. Autumn is, therefore, a good time to plant the flowers

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