One of the most famous Dutch flowers is the Tulip. Tulips come in many different colours, types, and varieties. The legendary cup-shaped spring flower is known all over the world and is beloved among many gardeners. The famous flower fields in Holland are a commonly known image for the start of spring. The beautiful folded petals bloom from late spring through very late spring. At De Vroomen, we sell varying types of Tulips in our webshop. Order your tulip flower bulb, and we will securely pack and ship your order to the USA and Canada.

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How to grow Tulips

Classic tulips are an elegant addition to every landscape. Combine several varieties of tulips to extend the flowering period and watch many different colours fill your garden bedding. Tulips are fertile, vigorous, and fragrant, and provide your garden with beautiful green foliage combined with your favourite chosen colour. As the earth awakens from its winter sleep, the first tulips show their faces to brighten up your day.

  • Plant tulip flower bulbs in fall, before the ground freezes. Plant tulip flower bulbs with different bloom periods to extend the flowering season.
  • Tulips prefer a site with full or afternoon sun. So choose a full sun to partial shade spot in the garden.
  • The soil must be well-drained, neutral, to average moist. Tulips dislike areas with excessive moisture.
  • Prepare the ground by mixing the soil with organic compost or other fertilizers.
  • Too much water causes death to tulips, so never overwater tulips too often. Only in drought, water daily, but make sure the soil never gets soggy.
  • Deadhead tulips as soon as they go by, but leave the leaves, to stimulate growth next season.

Popular Tulips

At De Vroomen, we sell over 50 varieties of tulips. To choose the one you like, use our filter in the webshop. Filter on location, colour, and uses, like borders, beddings or containers, and climate zones. Using the filter will help you find your favourite tulip flower bulbs. Our favourite tulips are:

  • Golden Apeldoorn: produces large, pure yellow flowers. These traditional tulip flower bulbs show terrific, bright yellow cup-shaped flowers that bloom from April to May.
  • Pink Pride: these candy-like egg-shaped flowers are bright pink coloured and grow up to 22” (55 cm) tall. These tulips look fantastic in every garden, border, and bedding.
  • Oxford: this fury tulip is a stylish addition to every landscape. The classic red flowers create a fantastic display in your garden. To provide your garden with fantastic red flowers, plant the Oxford tulip between September and December

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