Tulip Blends

Can’t choose between all our amazing tulips? Choose the Tulip Blends and enjoy a lovely mix of selected tulips from our range. Our team of product development specialists put together these fantastic mixes that you can order in our webshop. Tulip blends from De Vroomen contain several tulip flower bulbs that know different colours, shapes, sizes, and flowering periods. This way, you have all you want, just in one package. Not only tulips are mixed, but also varying spring-flowering species, like daffodils. Choose your favourite colour and click on the particular tulip blend you like. De Vroomen has been selling tulip flower bulbs for almost 95 years. We specialize in flower bulb retailing.

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How to grow Tulip Blends?

The mix of different tulip flower bulbs requires varying care. All tulip blend bulbs need to plant in fall, to brighten your days in early spring. We literally can’t wait for those blue-green leaves to start to emerge as the earth awakens from its winter sleep.

  • Tulips usually start to grow in March. If temperatures are freezing, the growth is delayed. Choose a spot with full or afternoon sun.
  • The soil must be well-drained, fertile, and dry or sandy.
  • All tulips dislike areas with excessive moisture. The different flowering periods in one package cause extended flowering periods. Some varieties will bloom in early spring, and others bloom in late spring. This way, you create an extending tulip party in your garden.

Popular Tulip Blends

At De Vroomen, we sell fantastic tulip blends. Some are even more colourful than others. The variety of types makes it fun to scroll down our range. We sell classic cup-shaped tulips, but we also offer more unusual types, like ruffled, or feathery types. Choose from our favourite tulip blends:

  • Peanut butter and Jelly are our favourite snack and our ideal tulip blend. The mix between orange-brown tulips and purple tulips looks like the perfect pair.
  • Rainbow River: to create a rainbow of coloured tulips, choose the Rainbow River mix. These pink, red, purple, white, and lilac vigorous-growing Darwin Hybrids are tall and produce elegant-shaped flowers.
  • Artist’s Palette: this painter’s palette contains intense colours, like red, orange, yellow, and white. All you need to brighten up your spring bedding this spring. Plant these sun-loving flowers on a full sun to partial shade spot in the garden.

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