Tulip Burning Embers

The Burning Embers tulip bulb blend is a flaming combination of scarlet red and bi-coloured tall Darwin Hybrid tulips. Darwin Hybrid tulips are famous among perennials for their sturdy stems and stunning colour gradients. Notice how the orange of the petals subtly transforms into bright yellow, making for an utmost intriguing flower head. Combined with the bright red tulips, the Burning Embers tulip mix is a real sight for sore eyes in every landscape, field and yard.

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Mid-spring bloomers

The flowers with sturdy stems and big flower heads can bloom up to a height of 22 inches. Like most tulips, the Burning Ember tulip mix will bloom in mid-spring. For the tulips to flourish they must be planted before a period of cold weather:

  • Plant the Burning Embers tulip bulb blend before the first frost;
  • The tulip bulbs must be planted four inches into the ground to be able to withstand the cold;
  • When planting the flower bulbs, make sure there is at least two inches between the bulbs for the roots to have sufficient space.

A wide range of high-quality perennials

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