Tulip Pink Impression

The Darwin Hybrid Pink Impression tulips are a real eye-catcher in every yard, field or landscape. The pink tulips have petals with a soft gradient from dark pink to pastel pink. Not only are they perfect for bringing spring joy, but they also emit a delicate fragrance as they bloom. Tulips make for the perfect perennials, and beautiful cut flowers bring the spring feel inside.

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Planting tulips

The egg-shaped flowers originate from mountain areas, making them adapted to temperate climates with moderate rainfall. The strong flowers will bloom mid-spring when planted in the right manner:

  • Plant the Pink Impression tulip bulbs before the first frost, somewhere between September and December;
  • Plant the tulip bulbs about four inches into the ground and approximately two inches apart from one another;
  • As the flowers are used to moderate rainfall, they only need to be watered in periods of extreme drought. The flowers can grow up to 22 inches.

Low-maintenance perennials

Tulips are among the most favourite perennials for yards and landscaping for their resilience, the wide spectrum of coloured tulips and their need for little to no maintenance. Darwin Hybrid tulips are especially known for their long, sturdy stems and the beautiful transition of colour in the petals. Tulips come in a wide range of colours, from bright yellow to dark maroon. Take a look at our catalog for our wide range of wholesale tulips.

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