Tulip Queen of Night

For decades now, the deep maroon-coloured tulip Queen of Night has been an extraordinary addition to many yards and interiors. Its almost black colour and silk-like petals make it stand out in every garden bed. The plant was introduced in the first half of the last century, captivating the eye. When planted in the right place on fertile soil in the sun, the high-quality long-stemmed tulips from our garden centers will bloom mid-spring to flourish and bring life to your yard.

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Planting cut flower tulips

At De Vroomen, you find the Queen of Night as cut flowers in packages of 50 bulbs to plant in your yard. When planting the tulips, it is important to:

  • Plant the Queen of Night tulips before the first frost, somewhere between September and December, as tulips need a period of cold weather above the ground before they bloom;
  • Plant the flower bulbs from De Vroomen approximately four inches deep in the ground and approximately two inches apart from one another;
  • Give the tulips a place in the sun or in partial shade, as that is where they flourish best.

Tending the Queen of Night

In late spring, the blooming period of the Queen of Night starts. The Queen of Night is, like other tulips, accustomed to living in temperate climates. In these climates with moderate rainfall, watering the flowers is unnecessary. Only in periods of extreme droughts is it recommended to water them.

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