Tulip Red Impression

The Red Impression tulips bring a traditional spring feeling to every yard or landscape. The bright red flowers with a plum-purple base make for a beautiful contrast with the green foliage. They truly stand out in every landscape and will catch the gaze of every bypasser! Additionally, the Darwin Hybrid tulips spread a soft scent, introducing the spring as they bloom mid-spring.

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Tulips as perennials

Tulips are popular as perennials in yards, and for landscaping purposes for their long and sturdy stems and the wide range of colours they have. Tulips as perennials:

  • Tulips love a place in the sun but will also bloom in half-shade spots;
  • Plant the Red Impression tulip bulbs four inches in the ground and two inches apart from one another;
  • Tulip bulbs must be planted before the first frost, as they need a period of cold before they bloom;
  • The flowers do not need to be watered in periods of moderate rainfall;
  • The Red Impression tulips will grow up to 22 inches with big flower heads.

Wholesale flower bulbs

At De Vroomen, we offer a wide assortment of wholesale flower bulbs, such as the Red Impression tulip bulbs. Other flowers in our assortment are alliums, crocuses, daffodils, daffodil blends, hyacinths, and many more. Our flowers are professionally grown for landscaping purposes and plant retail. Our wholesale flower bulbs and garden products are easily ordered online, but you can also contact us for the possibilities for your company

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