Tulip Triumph Mix

A real feast for the eyes is the tulip blend Triumph Mix. The selection of medium-height mid-season blooming tulips contains the widest range of colours. The yellow, white, peach and pink tulips cover the brightest part of the colour spectrum. Even in the flower petals themselves, the colours merge. The tulip bulb blends Triumph Mix and is sure to bring the ultimate spring feeling to every yard!

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A colourful flower bed

Tulips are as resilient as they are beautiful. Planted four inches in the ground, they can survive the frost and will bloom bright mid-spring. The flowers often associated with the Netherlands derive from mountain areas, making them highly adaptable to colder weather. While it is possible to cut them to allow them to blossom for multiple years, they are mainly characterized as annual flowers. For them to bloom for multiple years, it is important to help the flower bulbs preserve energy by cutting the flowers before they open up. Placed in a vase, the tulips will open up and make for the perfect cut flowers.

Planting and tending tulips

Tulips make for a colourful flower bed during spring but need a period of cold weather before they bloom. Important for planting the Triumph Mix tulip blend therefore is:

  • Plant the Triumph Mix tulip bulbs during autumn, approximately eight weeks before the first frost;
  • In order for the flowers to be protected from frost, they should be planted four inches in the soil. Additionally, they should be planted about two inches apart from one another for the roots to have the space they need;
  • Plant the flower bulbs in a sunlit or half-shade spot in the yard, as they open up when touched by sunlight.

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