Tulip White Clouds (Hakuun)

“Wow!” Is the first thing to come to mind when seeing the White Clouds (Hakuun) tulips. The White Clouds tulips are the only pure white Darwin Hybrid tulips. Darwin Hybrid tulips are known for their long, sturdy stems and excellent colour, which can be seen in the fantastic White Clouds tulips. The flowers create a beautiful and peaceful ambience as they bloom bright in mid-spring. The white petals contrast softly with the green stems and are perfect in combination with other perennials in soft colours.

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White tulips

At De Vroomen, you can find a wide assortment of tulips in all colors of the spectrum, even dark maroon and solid white. Our flowers are professionally grown for high quality and rich colour, making them among the best of perennials. Tulips are suitable perennials, naturalizers and even cut flowers:

  • Tulips are adapted to temperate climates with moderate rainfall, making them low-maintenance perennials resilient to most weather;
  • As tulip bulbs need a period of cold, they must be planted before the first frost in a sunlit or half-shade spot;
  • Plant the White Cloud tulips four inches in the ground and two inches apart from one another;
  • The high-stemmed tulips will grow up to 22 inches with big white flower heads;
  • Tulips are annual flowers with naturalizing properties.

Wholesale tulip bulbs

At De Vroomen, we aim for high quality. Our flowers are renowned for their strength and vivid coloured petals. We offer a wide range of wholesale perennials, such as tulips, alliums and daffodils. Are you a landscaper, representative of a garden centre, a municipality or in a different manner involved with landscaping? Feel free to contact us for our shipment possibilities and our assortment of plants for landscaping purposes.

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